Funny Accidents do Happen

Daft Punk circa 1995 / Photo by Kevin Cummins/Getty
Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbios 17:22 El corazón alegre constituye buen remedio;mas el espíritu triste seca los huesos. ooooo

Funny accidents do happen, and the one I am going to write about today happened this morning. My husband uses and antibacterial blue dye spray on any skin wound our farm animals or dogs may have. This morning he went to cure a wound on our male German shepherd, and to his surprise the spray bottle exploded!!
It all splashed up to his face. He truly had a blue face like the ones in the photo. We tried to get it out in a hurry since he had to drive our daughter to school and run a few errands. What I recommended him to use? Sugar and dish washing soap.... it worked better than I thought but as soon as he gets home he will need to repeat the same process to get it all out. Bleach works well too for this type of dye, but I wouldn't recommend it on the face. I could just imagine the look one our neighbors faces when he stops at a local market to get some lettuce for today's salad. It was a funny moment and I am glad my husband took it on a happy note, although, ironically he was "blue". It's good to have a great laugh every now and then, especially early in the morning.

Have you had your laugh for today? Smile... blue moments will go away, and a good laugh will heal the soul.

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