Breaking the Chains of Grudge (Successful and Healthy Marriage II)

In the previous post I wrote about sanctifying God in our hearts and about the most powerful weapon that we as Christians have: Pray and forgiveness. 

As a spouse will receive offenses from our partners. You are going to be offended in one or another thing and by daily contact, differences, disagreements, etc. There are offences, that a woman will hurt easier than men, and this is because their soul’s virtues are not the main virtues of a man’s. Due to their psychological constitution women will be offended much easier. Every day when you pray, forgive your partner. 

When you pray in this form: "Lord, I forgive trespasses of my husband/ wife" You stop there and the Holy Spirit will pass a film of all the time that you have offended or have been offended, when you both were newly in love and you’ll begin to cry, and to realize what you had saved inside. Forgive: "forgive man their trespasses". 

You must first break this chain in heaven with God to break the Satanic accusation – tell God, Lord I offended my husband - in this, this and this.... erase all this it in the heaven, so that the devil won't have authority over you and when he comes in plan to defeat you and your marriage, you will be able to prove that you don't have a grudge. When you pray in that feeling and in that alignment, God will be pleased with you, in your role as a spouse. You will be a virtuous spouse, full of peace, your mind will be full of lucidity every day, allowing you to be able to carry out your ministry as a husband or wife, which is not easy, but with God's guidance you can have a healthy marriage.

Part I of this series:  Successful and Healthy Marriage I (Pray and Forgive)

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  1. pray and forgive -- two important things to do in any relationship.



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