Steps to Follow (Successful and Healthy Marriage IV)

 Let’s remember and practice the following steps for at least one month: 
If you want pray everyday great, but never miss two days in a row without praying and following these steps in faith. 

1. Pray for yourself, for health of the heart and health of memories. Take ten or fifteen minutes in the day in prayer until you remember everything since you were a child, what you did, etc. until the actual day. You will have a close experience with God, after doing this, pray for different areas in your life: your relationship with your parents, siblings, partner, since the day you married. Ask the Holy Spirit to delete any event or unpleasant memories you may have. 

2. You are going to pray for your partner, so that the Kingdom of God may come to him/ her, so that they become a person that practices the will of God, who lives in the reality and knows Jesus Christ as a Savior.

3. Pray for your partners commercial activities so that God blesses them in their work, and may be prospered. Pray first for him/ her, for their business, and the Kingdom of God, but above all, pray so that God may be the truth of his/ her life. Pray to your heavenly father with confidence. 

4. Pray together with your partner. Especially men, who are eager to have their wives, pray with them. First pray a little on your own, then asked the Lord to prepare your partners heart. Do not let days go by without practicing these steps. Do not waste your time talking to friends that can make you lose sleep and peace. Enjoy your time and pray with your partner. What some “friends” do is take away your peace, even some christian people, can make you lose time. Tell your partner, "Come, let's pray ten minutes, we will pray for your business or work, Holy Father, in Jesus' name (putting your hand on his/ her forehead), Lord, your kingdom come to this mind. Father, bless his / her job, business etc. Then you will begin to see one miracle after another. In sickness, also go ahead and pray with him / her.

-My husband asks me to read the Bible and to explain a little of what I have read, this way when he leaves the house he goes filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe your partner will enjoy this and will be happy to be so closed to the Lord together with you.As time passes, you can change these steps according to your needs and growth in faith. May the Lord continue blessing you in the love of Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit.

A loving doe, a graceful deer— may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love. Proverbs 5:19

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