How to Study The Word of God (Bible) ?

In this post I want to share a little of how to study God's Word? There are many places where we can practice biblical studies like our Sundays visits at church, Bible study classes, church groups and friend reunions, but what happens when we are alone, away on holiday or we live very far from our nearest Church? The word of God is what should guide a Christian, our instruction manual for living in God's grace. What I want to share today is how I learned to study the Bible. I am not an expert but I try as much as possible for letting myself be guided by the word. I hope it helps.

1. Read the entire chapter or verse that you want to study.

2. Keep a logbook to jot down the verse or content that has touched your heart the most and meditate it.

3. Talk to God about what you learned and then share it with someone. This helps us to memorize it and at the same time we help others to learn about the word.

The Bible has references that are at the bottom or side of the page. These verses are a chain of the passage you have already read.

Another way to learn more about the Bible is through the Bible’s Concordances. Here we can search for any word and thoroughly study about that particular term. Example: Forgive forgiveness in this section you can find everything that is written on forgiveness or forgive.

Make it a custom to study a little every day of the word, if daily is too much for you right now, start slowly. Start with 3 times a week and then add more days.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

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  1. dear mari..this is so good.
    you know you are so right..i know that some people when they go on vacation, hang up the bible and decide that it will not be part of the holiday.
    when bernie and i go for a five week vacation, in fact we will be going in a month, lord willing out west to my beloved manitoba...well it is quite a few days journey and we camp along the way. each saturday when we stop for the weekend, we go search for the church that we will be going to and then we get there bright and early in the morning. so sunday on our holidays is a good time! terry


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